Wrapped And Knotted Wall Hanging: Some Steps You Follow Down-

DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath Bedroom Design
the idea of the DIY wall hanging option is a great way to decorate the interior. 

Wrapped and Knotted Wall Hanging are becoming some trend in every household. And why won’t it be, this is easy, and you are making them home? Yes, we are talking about the DIY wrapped and wall hanging. Therefore gear yourself up, get ready for preparing this at home any free time. However, the festive season is approaching. Thus try your hand makes Christmas theme wall hanging for this Christmas. Since this is DIY, therefore you just need to shop the minimal stuff for making this wall hanging. Thus without any further ado, let us get the ingredient list you need to purchase for building this wall hanging. –

Wrapped And Knotted Wall Hanging: Some Steps You Follow Down-
Wrapped And Knotted Wall Hanging: Some Steps You Follow Down-

Knotted Wall Hanging: Items You Need To Purchase-

The appearance is somewhat similar to that of the tassel wall hanging. The tutorial also resembles each other. However, every item gets a separate essence. Therefore the essence of the knotted wall hanging also differs a lot from the tassel wall hanging idea. The project ideas get inspiration from the doodle wall idea. 

This idea is nothing but a wrapped cluster idea. It is a fantastic cluster of wonderful macrame cotton string. One might get the same vibe as that of the tassel wall hanging. However, the next two steps make all the difference. Make a knot and then go for contorting it. The best part of this concept is that you get to change the idea. Just as I said since the festive season is around the corner. You can customize this preparation as per the requirement. Moreover, you can even change the design from time to time. 

** Things You Need**

1. Take a 5 mm single_twist cotton_string

2. After that, take Omagacryl yarn.

3. Then take the sharp fabric_shears

4. After that take the self-healing cutting_map

5. After that take the cat brush

Wrapped And Knotted Wall Hanging: Some Steps You Follow Down-
Wrapped And Knotted Wall Hanging: Some Steps You Follow Down-

Directions To Follow To Make This Beautiful Piece Of Art

Let us start with the steps you need to follow to make this art. Let us get going now-

1. At first, start by cutting some 13-15 strands of 5mm cotton strings. You get to choose between the measurement. However, the 36 inches gets the preference of length size here. After that, get the strands all aligned to one another. After that, start wrapping it up. 

2. One can choose their preferred_wool here. Therefore start by taking one end of the yarn. After that, try folding the other end in half to the desired length. After that, align the ends of the starting_points of your cotton stings. 

3. Try holding the cotton string. And wrap the cotton string, however, make sure to leave the cotton strings out. It’s okay is the yarns overlaps multiple_ties. Continue the knotting methods with different colored yarns. 

4. Once you finish with wrapping, try brushing up the tassel. You can use a cat brush for this. Once you get the tassel, all brushed up, cut the ends to give it neat shape. Voila, you are good to go. The only part remains to knot the rope up as per the mood. After that, hang it over the wall. 

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