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Dear Readers!!! A new day is here & I’m ready to refresh your mind with my original topic which is how to take care of Water Garden. It is also known as aquatic gardens. They can be term as any interior or exterior landscape or an architectural element whose primary purpose is to house, display, or propagate a particular species of aquatic plant. The main focus is on plants, but they will sometimes also house ornamental fish.  It is a unique & exciting addition to any garden. These tips assure the water garden plants in your landscape stay healthy & beautiful.

How to Take Care of Water Garden
How To Take Care Of Water Garden

Water Garden

The Water garden in the landscape brings an immediate sense of tranquility & intrigue. Like no other characteristics in the garden, a small pond of water lilies, cattails & Japanese Koi can change & common outdoor living space into an oasis. Meanwhile, Ancient Egyptians & Far Eastern cultures were of the first to develop water gardens in the landscape. It was common to find lotus plants, water lilies, papyrus, & other aquatic plants used to accent & focus on man’s relationship with nature. Also, Aa water garden can be quite cosmopolitan with a series of waterfalls & pond levels, as attractive as a single three to four-foot pool in the corner of the yard, or as simple as a half wooden barrel suffused with floating plants & small water lilies.

How to Take Care of Water Garden
How to Take Care of Water Gardens


These given tips in the below section ensure the water garden plants in your landscape stay healthy & beautiful. The garden care commences with proper assembly. Then, Add a fountain pump, water, & your choice of pond plants to the water compartment. Weigh the pots down with rocks if required. Here, we have provided some steps for taking care of the water garden in the below section:

  • Water gardens need minimal supervision.
  • You should clean it periodically, removing leaves & debris so that organic sediment doesn’t build up on the bottom & make it essential to drain it more often than each & every five years. Prompt after installation & in the spring, algae will prosper & cloud the water.
  • The algal growth increase by the warming effect of sunlight on the water.
  • Filters will assist in eliminating particulates & algae in the water.
  • Furthermore, Insert fertilizer tablets, about one per 5 quarts, into their containers.
  • Then, Eliminated dead leaves and other organic material that has accumulated on the pool base.
  • Sometimes spray with a hose will knock any aphids that have developed on plant leaves into the water where fish will eat them.
  • Clean the filter occasionally as per the expert’s instructions.
  • Add water as essential to maintain the proper water level.
  • Categorized the overgrown water lilies & other aquatic plants early in the season.
  • In autumn, you may cover the water garden with netting to avoid leaves from collecting in the pond. Meanwhile, If leaves do blow into the water, eliminate them to prevent them from tying up oxygen as they decompose.
  • A good filter or clarifier also avoids the development of algae in the bottom of the pond. Use a fountain to keep the water aerated & ward-off foul-smelling bacteria.

However, In this way, you can experience the WATER GARDEN by using various tips and help yourself in enjoying the view of the beautiful garden. It is a natural gift of nature which can be felt & be left a mesmerized by its duty.

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