The Ultimate Guide For Housing Plants

The Ultimate Guide For Housing Plants Architectural Designs
This article is about housing plants at home.

Housing plants is an essential component of while doing interior designing. Greenery is needed to brighten up the indoor spaces and refer to have the mood-boosting characteristic.

Indoor plants are popular among peoples because they are easy to maintain, provide health benefits, and can be used for indoor décor themes. Indoor plants are better for those who have space for an outdoor garden.

So, it’s your first housing plant activity than this article will help you to get useful information to build your own indoor plant garden.

Housing Plants

Indoor plants are those plants that can be grown inside or in little space at your house. There are many tropical plants, like palms and others which can be grown indoor.

Indoor plants are those plants which are small size grown plants received in containers, so there is no need to plant them. For basically two reasons you plant an indoor plant.

1.   In case your plant is growing bigger, you have to replant your existing one into a large container.

2.   For growing bulbs, you need to plant them.

The Ultimate Guide For Housing Plants
The Ultimate Guide For Housing Plants

Light Needed By Housing Plants

 There are various plants, such as cacti and succulents, that need continuous, daily sunlight. Foliage plants need less light per day. The amount of sunlight needed depends on the type of plants you are growing.

Qualities For A Good Indoor Plant

 Before planting an indoor plant, there are several qualities you have to look for while selecting.

1.   Root system – It is the most important factor while choosing a plant. The plant with good roots is easy to grow and need to be less taken care. For smaller plants, you can check its roots. Healthy roots are those which are thick in size and are a light color.

2.   Foliage- You should check plant’s foliage before buying; if you can’t see through it, the foliage is thick enough.

3.   Disease – Some plant smells the bad odor and has white dots, sticky residue on leaves which shows they are a disease.

Indoor Plants With Low light

 The plants which need little light is good for indoor plants, and they suit best for locations with dim light. Some of them are:

  1. Philodendron – This plant is a very popular indoor plant, and it does not prone to pests. It is capable to grow in different environments.
  2. Pothos or Devil’s Ivy- The plant is colorful in nature and have vibrant leaves. This plant can be grown easily in low and dim light.
  3. Dracaena– These plant has long green leaves and is a very popular indoor plant. It is easy to take care of.
  4. Peace Lily- This plant grows easily with moist soil but not overwatered. It grows quickly, and flowers can be seen on your lily plant when you place it in a dark room.
The Ultimate Guide For Housing Plants
The Ultimate Guide For Housing Plants

Easiest Indoor Plants Take Care

There are so many indoor plants that can be easily grown:

1.     Different Succulents

2.     Pothos

3.     The Sansevieria

4.     Best Philodendron

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