The Best DIY Home Garden Sheds Tutorial

The Best DIY Garden Sheds Tutorial Diy Wedding
Learn about perfect DIY garden shed projects.

The DIY garden sheds are the new talk of the town nowadays. People who are interested in gardening are becoming more and more involved in building their own garden sheds. The reason is that building one’s own garden sheds comes cheaper than actually buying one. Moreover, it also helps you in being creative in the best form. However, before you start with the construction, you need to be careful about certain aspects.

Building DIY Garden Sheds

Building a DIY garden shed can be a fairly easy project. However, you need to have some basic knowledge of construction. Moreover, to make things easier, you can even go with the shed kit. This kit is pre-assembled and comes with pre-cut wooden pieces. Let us read in detail about how to construct DIY garden sheds.

The Best DIY Garden Sheds Tutorial
The Best DIY Garden Sheds Tutorial

Cut The Wood

Foremost, you need to trim the foundation boards to the proper size. Start by cutting the 3 2 by 8-inch boards to 4.9 meters precisely. The boards you are cutting will form the bottom part of the garden shed. Now, cut the 2 2 by 6-inch boards. You have to cut them to a proper 16 feet. This part of the board will form another part of the mud slips. Finally, cut the 15 2 by about 6 inches boards. These boards will fit across the center of the garden shed’s floor.

Make Triangular Roof Braces

Take a piece of plywood and draw a schematic design for a triangle on it. Make sure that the triangle is 188.5 inches on the bottom side. Moreover, cut proper pieces of the wood that can fit into the triangle. Also, cut enough boards for at least two triangles.

Trim Boards For Making Roof

Start by cutting 2 2 by 8 inches boards. These boards should be cut up to 10 feet. Moreover, each of the boards would go on the walls’ top, each at the front and the back. Furthermore, pay attention to the rafters, as each of them will run from the top part of the front wall to the top side of the back wall.

Build The Foundation For DIY Garden Sheds

The Best DIY Garden Sheds Tutorial
The Best DIY Garden Sheds Tutorial

At first, lay the foundation of the gravel. You need a wheelbarrow and shovel to spread gravel evenly. Moreover, the presence of gravel keeps the shed to remains dry. You can start by setting solid concrete blocks. These blocks need to be set up in 4 inches of the gravel. Now, place some longboards on the concrete rows. Make sure to place them lengthwise.

Create The Walls

You have to make the platform, to use as a guide, for the backside wall. Now, lay down the boards and nail them together. Also, add the plywood siding to the shed’s walls. You need to repeat the process for the side walls as well. Now, comes the door. It’s essential to measure the door that you can place in front of the shed. Finally, build the front wall of the shed.

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