Sofa Bed: The Fixer-Upper Of Your Bedroom!


We all know how difficult home décor can be! No matter how glamorous the work sounds. It requires planning. A lot of planning. A decent sense of design. And more importantly a sense of space. It’s baseless to own big commodities without having the space to keep it. Planning your essentials is the key. Why own huge furniture when you can’t have space for your weekend shenanigans! You know what I’m talking about! Why spend all those hours? All that money? When your furniture has eaten up most space? Simple! Think smart and own what you need! Which brings us to a Sofa Bedroom.

Why A Sofa-Bedroom?

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So how are we going to make sense of this? Who doesn’t love a comfy bed? At the end of the day, all we’re looking for is a warm cozy bed waiting to welcome you home! And while you appreciate all the space and comfort when asleep, does it feel necessary when it starts hogging most of the room? Which brings us to the brilliance of the design of a sofa bed. Sofa by the day and a comfy bed by night! Sounds about close to what you look for in Prince Charming, doesn’t it?

These serve as a very sharp way of fixing your space issues. They solve all your hosting and accommodation problems. They serve as a comfortable seating unit. While they are here to save the day when you are in need of a spare bed! One whack of a lift and bam! It is a game-changer.

While sofa beds have gained bad publicity for being not the best of beds in the past. Companies have been storming the stores ever since. With newer designs. Easy mechanisms. And details added to the comfort. With newer styles comes the responsibility to choose wisely!

Sofa Bed: The Fixer-Upper Of Your Bedroom!
Sofa Bed: The Fixer-Upper Of Your Bedroom!

Choose Wise

With newer styles comes the responsibility to choose wisely! This incredible furniture that turns a living area to a sleeping area has more to it than we thought they did.

Pull-Out Sofa

This does exactly what it seems like. By removing top cushions from the couch and placing them to the sides it evolves in front of your eyes. With the spring-loaded metal frame underneath it snaps into place. Pairing the legs automatically hold the mattress.


A-frame that looks like a sofa but unfolds into a bed! Almost deceptive yet genius!  Once opened, the seat base and back support lay flat next to each other horizontally with the entire mattress on top. Threefold futons provide you with that extra footrest. Having a secret cabinet underneath. Neat!

Sofa Bed: The Fixer-Upper Of Your Bedroom!
Sofa Bed: The Fixer-Upper Of Your Bedroom!

Drawer Sofa Bed

A drawer-style, sofa bed. Intriguing isn’t it? The bed mechanism lies underneath the couch. Pull out the drawer and voila! The bed pulls up fine!

Electronic Sofa Bed

If you’re thinking this sofa does all the unfolding work for you, you’re right. Yes, Lazy-bums! This one transforms a sofa to a bed with the touch of a button! Easy solution for people with back problems. Slips you into sleeping mode from a seating mode!

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