Rustic Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration -

Rustic Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration

Rustic DIY Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration

Diy fabric pumpkin fall decoration are the another and the best thing to décor your house.There are various types of  thing by which you can easily decorate your house,toiles,kitchens etc. But this unique process is the another one. Diy fabric pumpkins also helps you to décor you kitchen and bathroom also. I f you want to decorate your house in a more beautiful way then you wrap some colorful papers or clothes on a pumpkin and you can keep it beside  your kitchen or bathroom. In the middle of your dying you can also keep a colourful pumpkin to decorate your house more properly.

At the earlier we don’t have any idea that, we can decorate our house in this way also. But now a days we have the various types of ideas to decorate our house, and this is the another.

Rustic  DIY Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration
Rustic DIY Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration

DIY Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration

 If you want to decorate your house for any special occasion or any special season then you can keep always in yor mind, that this new type of idea you can take from here. You can keep one pumpkin besides of your main door ,wraping  with a colourful paper or a colourful cloth. Sometimes you can wrap the diy fabric pumpkins with the clourful craft papers. It will be very beautiful. If you will keep a candle beside of the pumpkin then it will look very beautiful also.

The fabric scrap is not enough to make your table more beautiful.You have to wrap a craft paper in the whole body of the fabric scrap and you have to make this shape like a pumpkin. Then it will kooks nice.

Do I Have To Use Toilet Paper  For This Project

No,it will not good for your project. Beccause it is a very bad method. It will not looks very nice. But I think if you will wrap the toilet papers surroung of it then ,it will very easyer to manage the ingredients , because you have this toilet papers in your home already. You can wrap colourful toilet papers surrounding of  candle, glass bowl, or any unique items.

Sometimes I fine that, the tolet papers helps to make the pumpkin’s shape more fluffy and the layers will make easily with the help of toilet papers.

Whether Can I Find Scrap Fabric Pieces

You can get the pieces in various craft stores , also in the departmental shops , you can get the pieces. You have to choose a beautiful coloured cloth and shaped pumpkin and also you have take a beauful coloured craft papers.To make your house beautiful.

Tips For Displaying My Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration

As I want to say personally that I love to décor my house. So maintain some rules to make it. These are ,you can made the fabric pumpkins with the help of colorful craft papers or with the help of colourful toilet papers. It will make your pumpkin very beautiful.Colurful fabric papers or coulfrul clother will help you to make your fabric pumpkin more beautiful.Which will helps you to keep your house more decorative.

Rustic  DIY Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration
Rustic DIY Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration

Supplies Needed

Some items are very important t omake fabric pumpkins these are:

  • Colurful toilet papers.
  • Colorful fabrics.
  • Twig small branches.
  • Scissors.

How To Make Fabric Pumpkin Fall Decoration

First you have to cut the colourful clothes or the coluful craft papers in  a perfect shape of a pumpkin. Then you have to wrap it , and cover up the whole pumpkin. Which will cover the whole pumpkin .But the colourful toilet papers helps to make more better fabric pumpkins.The toilet papers will helps to make the layers more perfect.

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