Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here’s How

Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here's How
Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here’s How

Design ideas are changing at a fast pace. As more and more techniques come to life, so do changes with how design ideas are perceived. You can make your changes, too, without being too drastic about it. How? The best way of revamping design ideas is always to revitalize! Do one thing here, and another little thing there to slowly make your design fresh and new.

Use Personal Inspiration For Your Design Ideas

Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here's How
Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here’s How

If you try to blend in too much with how others create designs, then you can get lost in a see of commonality in techniques. One of the best ways for you to refresh your design ideas is to find personal inspiration in your daily lives and use this inspiration as a core idea for your next design project.

For example, as you are walking through the market to buy supplies, you come across a native mat that is hanging against green plants; you can take a photo of this using your smartphone and integrate it in your design!

Refrain From Focusing On Trends Too Much

Expert designers suggest that you shy away from putting too much emphasis and focus on the latest trends. Do not center your design ideas on merely using what the newest trend in the design industry is. If you make this mistake, your designs cease to remain fresh the moment a new trend comes in. What you can do instead is to incorporate new trends with classic design ideas, and use these new trends as accent pieces or as a focal point of your design.

Go Green, Too!

If you must copy a trend, then that is going green. One of the ways for your design ideas to stay relevant and up-to-date is to go green. Clients will commission you more for designs, and to work on their homes or office spaces, when they know that you integrate green designs into your ideas as well. Going green is not a fad; it is a way of life, and you can get into this environmentally-responsible way of life too.

If Your Client Wants To Go Trendy, Do It For Non-Permanent Items

Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here's How
Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here’s How

If your client requests you to go trendy, however, then you have to oblige to their requests. You do not have to sacrifice your design ideas merely to meet your clients’ needs. If you have to incorporate trends or fads as per client request, you can do this on items that can are seasonal, and that can easily be replaced or swapped. Examples of these items include:

Table runners
Potted plants

Use Color In Small Spaces or Hallways

Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here's How
Revitalize Your Design Ideas, Here’s How

Not a lot of clients are open about incorporating a fresh pop of color into their homes. However, doing this is an excellent design idea! If your client is quite conservative, then you can start with incorporating colors in small spaces or hallways. These small spaces or corridors can serve as the accent area in your home. For example, if your house has white paint on all walls, you can add an accent color such as a bright blue or turquoise, a cool gray, or a pop of yellow on your powder room or hallway. Doing this can instantly brighten up an otherwise monotonous-looking white house.

Don’t Be Afraid To Shop In Thrift Stores

If you are in a tight budget, but you would still like to revamp your design idea, do not be afraid to scour finds at thrift stores! You will be so surprised at what they have to offer you. Your vintage and thrift finds can be repainted or re-upholstered to look brand new, and these pieces can immediately be a great focal point in a room. Without spending too much, you can create an entirely fresh and original design.


The abovementioned are only very few ideas for you to give your space a revitalized design idea. You can use this list as a quick guide on how you can do the same for your area, too. To make your design idea even more personal, take an overall look at your entire area, and check for little changes and additions here and there that can give you a fresh, but sophisticated design idea for your haven, your home.

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