Organizing For Small House Designs!

Organizing Tips For Small House Designs!
Organizing For Small House Designs!

Most homeowners dream of living in big and wide spaces. However, this is not always a reality. If you have just started out moving to your own space, whether single or as a newly married couple, or a family, tiny house living is becoming a way of life for many; However, the good news is that you do not have to feel cramp and tight in a small space. There are tips and tricks that you can do so that you can maximize, and make the most out of your small house design.

Start By Getting Rid Of Anything You Don’t Need

One of the best things about tiny house living is that you only buy what you need, as storage can be an issue. Nowadays, consumerism has led people to constantly keep buying things that they think they will need or use, but that they never get to use anyway. When you live in a small house design, you are reminded to buy what you need.

If you have mountains of things, clothes included, that you think you may no longer use, then now is an excellent time to get rid of all these things, donate them, or sell them so that you can create more open space in your tiny home.

Add More Wall Lights

Organizing For Small House Designs!
Organizing For Small House Designs!

Make use of your wall for lighting by adding wall lights. Great lighting in a house can actually make a small house design look, and feel bigger. However, buying floor and table lamps can actually take up so much space. Take advantage of your walls by putting more wall lights that do not eat up space. The bonus part is that these lights can actually make your house feel cozy as well.

Install Floating Shelves!

Organizing For Small House Designs!
Organizing For Small House Designs!

When you already have a lot of cabinets, and you feel like you do not have any more space to add another, load up on floating shelves. Floating shelves are cheap, especially if they are the open-type shelves. This type of shelving is perfect for your small house design, especially the kitchen and living room area. On these shelves you can mount, or display the following:

Cooking items, tools, and cookbooks
Spices and other ingredients for cooking
Your television
Books and DVDs

Maximize Closet Space

If you take a good look at your closet right now, you might find that there is a lot of space wasted. For example, the overhead compartments of cabinets tend to be empty, or the bottom of hanging spaces. On overhead compartments, you can purchase bins where you can organize and store some items that you do not tend to use regularly, such as seasonal clothing. As for the bottom of hanging spaces, measure it and see if you can fit a tiny shelf, or set of drawers to go inside. You can use this extra drawer space for other times that need hiding so that you can create an illusion of a more prominent space in your small house design! Doing this means that entirely no storage space goes to waste.

Utilize The Space Under Your Staircase

If you have a stairway in your house, go and see if you can utilize it effectively. This space under the stairway is often one of the most neglected areas, as people tend to forget that you can do so much with it. Rather than just focusing on storing your cleaning supplies there, check to see if you can re-model the space, so you can add in a storage area for shoes that your family uses on a daily basis, for example.


Here’s to hoping these tips and tricks will make you more excited to continue patronizing small house designs. It is best not to see a small house design to your disadvantage, but to use it to your advantage to make living more fuss-free and straightforward! Remember, good things come in small packages!

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