Make Decorative Fall Candle Lanterns -

Make Decorative Fall Candle Lanterns

How To Make Decorative Fall Leaf Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns are one of the best ways to decorate your house. There are different types of processes to make your house beautiful. But this is the best and unique process to make your house more decorative. You can decorate your house with candle jar lanterns in any special occasions or Diwali. It makes your house more beautiful, the guests also can see how much you are good at decorations.

Another way you can decorate your house. Which is at a dinner party suppose you have to invite some of your friends. Then you can decorate your house with the 3d paper lanterns. This will be very dynamic and you will get the filling that your house is becoming a beautiful restaurant.

How To Make Decorative Fall Leaf Candle Lanterns
How To Make Decorative Fall Leaf Candle Lanterns

Candle Lanterns With Mason Jars

I am telling it personally that, mainly I am home decor lover. I love to decorate my room. And this process is very unique. You need not spend so much money on this process. If you want to make your house more beautiful you can try this candle jars lantern process once. You can easily make the candle lanterns with mason jars with the help of your small pocket money. This is the most easier way to make candle lanterns with mason jars. I have made many lantern jars but the mason jars are very interesting to create.

What Is The Best Glass Jar For Candle Lanterns

You can make your candle lantern jar with so many things. But preferably you can use the small glass jars of pickles, or mayonnaise jars, you can use the salsa jars also.

If you will make you lantern jars with these things, I must say it will be a very good suggestion for your home decorations. If you will wrap some small light bulbs on these jars then it will be more interesting. Your home will become more lightful and you will feel glad to see your home. Using these jars are also safe to make your home more decorative.

You can also use colorful lace while you are making the lantern jars. It will make your candlelight jars more beautiful.

Can I Use Artificial Leaves Fir This Leaf Lantern

Yes, you can use the artificial leaves for this project. If you don’t have original leaves. You can choose the artificial leaves which hare almost the same to see like the original. The light green colored artificial leaves and the light yellow colored artificial leaves will helps you to make your candle jars lantern more beautiful. If you will use the thicker along with lives with this it will be better.

If you want to see your lantern more romantic then you can keep your lantern in a candle holder, then it will be very nice for your house.

How To Make Decorative Fall Leaf Candle Lanterns
How To Make Decorative Fall Leaf Candle Lanterns

Supplies Needs For Fall Lanterns

You have to need some important things for this, which are,

  • Small  wide jar
  • Artificial or real colorful leaves.
  • Craft glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Battery operated candle or you can use original light candles.

How To Make Fall Candle Lanterns

For this project, you have to need colorful artificial and real leaves to make. You have to need wide mouth jars. You have to need colorful ribbons, lace, glue, and scissors also. You can use also colorful lights around the jars. It will be more beautiful.

At first, you have to make a perfect shaped jar, then you have to wrap the jar with the small lights. Then you have to add the colorful leaves which can be real or artificial. Especially if you will use thick and long leaves it will be better. Or you can wrap the jar with various colorful craft papers which will become more dynamic. Manly we use these types of candle jar lantern on any special occasions or at any birthday party or any weddings. It mainly helps us to decorate our house more beautiful. WE can use this type of lantern at any dinner party also. Suppose the guests are coming to your house you can easily make this and hang it at your balcony or kitchen.

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