Lipstick Mold 4-Slot DIY Tool -

Lipstick Mold 4-Slot DIY Tool

Lipstick Mold 4-Slot DIY Tool

Do you love to experiment with different shades on your lips? Do you like to go with the fashion trend or create your style statement? Whatever your choice is, this article is going to be a useful one for you if you have a love for lip shades, and you want to apply some creativity to it. You can use this lipstick mold to create your new lipstick or recycle the old ones.

Since this is a homemade cosmetic, you will not have any doubt about its quality. You can create your preferred shades, which are not commonly available in the shops. The mold is safe for preparing and storing cosmetics. It is made from Aluminum alloy, hence durable enough to run long. The dimension is 11 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm approximately. It is easy to carry in the bag. You can remove the parts effortlessly and the cleaning; thus, the mold becomes very easy.

The mechanism it uses for making lipstick is quite simple, and even a beginner will reach perfection.  You will get one mold with four slots in a single pack of lipstick mold.

Lipstick Mold 4-Slot DIY Tool

This tool will help you customize your preferred shade at a low price compared to the branded ones that are popular in the market. There are four slots. So you will get four different shades in one batch. There are so many lipstick or lip balm brands available in the market. Still, women do not get the shade they are precisely looking for. This lipstick mold will help you to get your desired shade that, too, at such a low price that everyone can afford that. In addition to that, you will be aware of the ingredients used for the preparation. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you can avoid that too.

You can also recycle your old shades and mix them up to get a new one. Just melt the one you already have and pour it to the mold.

The Lipstick Mold Is Easy To Use

This is extremely easy to use. You need to melt the existing one that you want to renew or the new ingredients that you will be using to get a completely fresh one. There are many DIY videos available on the internet that you can try. From the ocean of video tutorials, choose a few at your convenience. In one go, you will get four different color shades, which is a nice feature of it.

After pouring the melted ingredients, let it dry completely. Then unscrew the mold and take the sticks out. There is no risk of breaking inside the mold.

Aluminum Is Safe For Cosmetics

Since Aluminum alloy is used to make the mold, you will get a smooth finish of the lip balm. And aluminum is harmless to be used for cosmetic preparation. And you can detach the parts which promote easy cleaning. Once you get used to it, you will never go to the shop to buy expensive lip cosmetics. 

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