Ice Ball Maker Device Tool DIY -

Ice Ball Maker Device Tool DIY

Ice Ball Maker Device Tool DIY

Want to impress your friends when they come to your home for a house warming party? What we have today can help you make proper spherical ice balls, without wasting any extra energy. Our very own ice ball maker device makes great ice balls while being user-friendly to its owner. The molds are made from plastic. Thus, they don’t have any sharp points, and you don’t need to worry about your children playing with it. Also, in winter, it can be used to make snowballs, but do clean it thoroughly after making snowballs.

Benefits Of Having Ice Ball Maker

Having an ice ball maker is a dream of every bar owner, whether you own a small bar on a famous road, or you have a bar in your house to entertain your friends and family. A lovely round ice ball can surely turn heads and can be a conversation starter. If you like to go some extra mile to give your guests an experience they will never forget. You should buy one of these ice ball makers.

Ice Ball Maker Device Tool DIY
Ice Ball Maker Device Tool DIY

Given below are some of the benefits that you can get if you have an ice ball maker.

Great Experience

If you are the owner of a restaurant, there’s not much you can do with the decor and lighting. What people look for in a restaurant is excellent food and how it is presented. With this tool, you can add an extra charm to your drink servings. In addition to this, it makes your customers feel a little unique and luxurious. Likewise, rich people are looking for these subtle luxury tricks in their food experience and can happily pay you good money for that.  

Efficient Cooling

Ice cubes are traditional. They are in the drink cooling business for a long while. But as the old things don’t age well with time we have, it’s a competitor. The ice balls provide a faster and more efficient way of cooling your drink. On the other hand, ice cubes melt quickly in comparison to a big iceball, which takes its time and before melting lower’s the temperature of the whole drink.

Brand Marketing

Just like in ice cubes you can put your logo on, same you can do with the ice balls but on ice balls it will make a greate impact as ice cubes are small and always put in a pair of three or four whereas you can use single ice ball which has larger surface area and thus, your brand logo will be easily seen. It’s a nice trick to go the extra mile to promote your business.

Make Snow Ball

Generally, we don’t allow our customers to make snowballs from this tool, but if its the season of snow and your daughter has been asking you to help her make a nice snowball, you can always take help from this tool. 

Ice Ball Maker Device Tool DIY
Ice Ball Maker Device Tool DIY

Note:- Be advised you need to wash it after using it for making snowballs properly, otherwise the ice ball texture will vary, and the final product won’t be as charming.

About The Ice Ball Maker Product

Material: environmental friendly PS+ silicone plug/Ice mold size: 6.5x6x6cm/2.56×2.36×2.36″/Iceball diameter: 4.8cm/1.89″±0.3cm/0.12″/Net weight: 15g

Package Content: 1 x Ice Ball Maker

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