How To Design A Multi-purpose Room?


A Home is more than a roof above your head. It is a place where you cook, eat, read, sleep, play and so much more. Home is where people come together, become a family and make lasting memories. Hence having a comfortable, organized and beautiful home is an absolute necessity.

Real estate market has undergone a lot of changes in recent years. The present trend is leaning towards a small home that is functional and minimalist. Home is a place where various activities take place, but having a room designated for each activity requires space. Everyone can not afford big homes. Further, the cost of buying and maintaining big homes is comparatively high and also time-consuming.  Hence this has lead to open floor plans and multipurpose rooms.

How To Design a Multi-purpose room?
How To Design a Multi-purpose room?

What Are Multipurpose Rooms?

The literal meaning of multi-purpose rooms is one that has more than one use. The best example of a multipurpose room is guest room doubling as a home office. Modern lifestyle has resulted in smaller homes. The best way to maximize the available space is the creation and designing of multi-purpose rooms.

With the addition of a multipurpose room, your home can provide a variety of function in limited space. To achieve this end, you would need space spacing furniture and brilliant design. There are various ways to attain dual room functionality; some of the top and DIY ideas are mentioned below.

Storage is the key in multipurpose rooms

Before you start working on the project of creating a room with a dual purpose, focus on the storage. A room that lacks efficient storage is prone to attract clutter and loses its functionality.

Maximize the storage by making use of the corner. Adding a corner shelf or desk in small spaces will work efficiently rather than a regular table. Increase the storage in your closet by adding more shelves, tension rods, and hooks. Taking advantage of vertical space is very important in a small house, as they can provide tons of storage space.

How To Design a Multi-purpose room?
How To Design a Multi-purpose room?

Ideas For Multifunctional Rooms

Indoor Play Area

Including a play area for your kids inside your house is one way to achieve multifunctionally. Combining playroom with children bedroom or with guest room is a great option. This works especially for people living in cities.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Another popular design among homeowner is kitchen and dining. As homeowner prefers open floor plans these days, this can be easily achieved. Convert the unused aisle of your kitchen into a coffee nook or breakfast station. Add some bar stool, and create your very own breakfast counter. Buy expandable tables that can easily fit into your kitchen.

Convertible Bedrooms

Lastly, convertible bedrooms help you save space and provide an additional sleeping area in a small house. Example if your home has only two rooms, you can install a Murphy bed into one room. This bed can be folded away when not in use. It also provides you with huge space that can be used in a number of ways.

Multipurpose does not mean diving the room into two. It simply means you allocate the space according to the usage. A guest room can be your home office when not in use or vice versa.

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