House Project Design Resolutions 2019

House Project Design Resolutions 2019
House Project Design Resolutions 2019

As the first month of the New Year is slowly coming to an end, it is not too late yet to start building resolutions for 2019. Most resolutions tend to focus on life, finance, career, and relationships. However, don’t forget your living space, too! It is just as vital for you to create resolutions as well, as a house project for this year, for the very reason that your home is your retreat after a long day. Your home is your sanctuary.

Here are house project design resolutions that you can accomplish for this year.

Change Up Your Bathroom’s Tiles

House Project Design Resolutions 2019
House Project Design Resolutions 2019

One of the most neglected areas in the house is the bathroom. And when you go inside a bathroom, one of the oldest areas screaming for a brand new look is the flooring system. Most bathrooms tend to have old tiles that need to replacement. Hence, if there is one thing you can change about your house this year, you may want to consider changing up your bathroom’s tiles; This is a great house project as it can make your bathroom feel and look brand new. When you’ve done so, you will also begin to notice that your bathroom will feel and look cleaner as well.

Create A Home Office Or Family Room

House Project Design Resolutions 2019
House Project Design Resolutions 2019

If you have a spare room in your house, then creating a home office or a family recreation area can be an excellent house project. Maybe your children have now outgrown their playroom, or you don’t need that storage room because you’re not the type to hoard, anyway. When you have a family room in your house, you are creating a unified space where every member of the family can bond and be in one place together, rather than lock each other up in your bedrooms. This room can be the foundation of family movie nights, family game nights, or even group study sessions.

Transform Your Shed Into A More Useful Space

Most homes have an outdoor shed. However, these sheds are frequently neglected. You think that you will need all that space to store up gear, but the truth is, you end up storing them in your garage, anyway. Over time, the garden shed ages and only ends up gathering dust and mites on the inside. You can create so many beautiful house projects for your shed so you that you can transform it into a more useful space, like:

A guest room
An outdoor receiving or dining area
A conservatory
An outdoor bar

Declutter Your Home

New year, new things, modern look. A part of creating a new look for your home is to accommodate more open and free spaces! It is like getting rid of all that excess baggage, and not bringing it with you as you welcome a new year so that you can make room for better and more useful things, or more space in your home. If you do not have the budget yet for a significant house project for 2019, the best and cheapest way for you to make your home a better living space is to declutter. You can sell, or donate some of the items and clothing pieces that you haven’t used over the past six months and use the proceeds of the sale to buy something for your home that you’ve always wanted!


At the start of a brand new year, always try to make at least one house project design resolution. That way, you are continually improving and building your home into a better one for all of the family members. You can ask for insights from the other members of the family, too, so that it becomes a unified family goal! To have a house looking brand new, you don’t need to buy a new one; all you have to do is to have a great house project design resolution for this year.

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