Gorgeous DIY Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Kitchen

In every kitchen, a kitchen island is a necessity. It doesn’t just make your kitchen beautiful as it already is. It also gives you more space for storage and space to work with. When you have a kitchen island, you have the option to add more drawers, shelves and cabinets. The kitchen island may also serve as an informal dining area. There are times when you just need a small space to eat and this space is perfect for it. This is a great place for your kids to eat their afternoon snack or perhaps a lazy Saturday breakfast. Having someone make your own kitchen island can be expensive. How about considering a DIY kitchen island with these gorgeous ideas?

Bookshelf Island

This DIY kitchen island will bring the bookworm out of you. You can transform an old bookcase into a kitchen island. The built-in shelves can be used to store your favourite cookbooks.  You could also add in a few baskets for more storage area. Cover the top surface plywood with the countertop of your choice. There are pre-formed laminate countertops available to save you the stress. 

DIY Kitchen: Farmhouse Island

DIY Kitchen
DIY Kitchen

This DIY kitchen island can cost around $250 and can be done over the weekend. You might need some help though because this requires intermediate carpentry skills. The farmhouse kitchen island is huge. You can install cupboards with shelves.

Rustic Island

DIY Kitchen

A DIY kitchen island with a rustic theme is a fast and easy project. Combine wood & metal, you’ll get a pretty good-looking kitchen island. Add in a marble kitchen countertop to make it look classy. It wouldn’t be rustic if you don’t add in shiplap too. Stone is a good addition as well to give the kitchen island a rustic feel. There’s nothing wrong with getting a hand-me-down or perhaps something from the flea market. Imagine using an old dining room table or a wooden bench to make a rustic kitchen island. Accentuate the kitchen island with some metal hooks on the side so you can store pots and pans.

DIY Kitchen: Custom Built-ins Island

DIY Kitchen

This is another great DIY kitchen island because you can opt to include things that can help you with meal prep. Imagine saving $3,000-1,000 just because you made the kitchen island yourself. The best way to fully maximize your kitchen island is to prioritize the purpose of the island itself. Say you want to focus on efficiency in your meal prep.  A functional addition is a removable cutting board. You can easily transfer your chopped vegetables to the pan without any fuss.  You could also have a kitchen island with a sink. This is a great area for everyone to wash their hands and bartend during parties.

Island with Trash Storage

DIY Kitchen

Have a fully function DIY kitchen island that comes with trash storage. Food prep can really be messy. Peeling fruits and vegetables, taking food out of the package and even opening cans require you the use of a trash bin. It can be time-consuming if you need to go to the opposite end of the kitchen just to throw trash. It’s best to get everything done in one area, right?

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