Give Your House Plans A Smart Makeover

Give Your House Plans A Smart Makeover

The traditional design never goes out of fashion. and the mere fact that traditional rugs and carpets are still in demand proves it. The beauty of the traditional design of the rugs and carpets becomes even more prominent in contrast to the contemporary space designs. There are numerous ways in which your contemporary house plans can become even more attractive with the right fusion of traditional decors. Let’s check out some great home décor ideas using the traditional carpets and rugs.

Give Your House Plans A Smart Makeover
Give Your House Plans A Smart Makeover

The Beauty Of Contrast In Contemporary Setting

Have you ever looked on longingly at those elegant and beautiful traditionally designed rugs and carpets, wondering how to fit it into your house plans? Well, here are a few great ideas that should come into handy!

  • Create a contrasting mix with double carpets. Those who have a large hall or drawing room can easily lay down two traditional carpets side by side. The trick is to select two designs with contrasting colors. It creates a perfect fusion mix and goes well with the contemporary look of your home.
  • Use pattern prints in various colors, which is quite common in traditional rugs. You must have seen numerous rugs coming with various traditional pattern designs. These create attractive visual, especially when contrasted with contemporary furniture design. You can make it look even more attractive if you implement those pattern designs or something similar to the cushion covers. There is nothing better than mixing it up in the most interesting fashion.
  • Go for the various geometric designs. Traditional carpets and rugs often come with various geometric pattern designs. These geometric shapes can add charm to the entire place if used properly. These will not just create a contrasting fusion, but will also increase the beauty of the furniture at your place.

Focus On Colors

Give Your House Plans A Smart Makeover
Give Your House Plans A Smart Makeover

Choose a contrasting color as compared to the color of the interior. This looks perfect if you have a really light tone color in your living room. Adding a rug or mattress having a striking dark shade can really make the place more beautiful many times over.

Go for the bright color combination. Plenty of traditional rugs and carpets have those bright and vibrant colors that can make the place look dazzling and lively. If you feel that your room is quite a bit gloomy and does not look cheerful enough, simply bring home the traditional rugs and carpets having bright color designs and patterns. The interior of your place will change within moments and you will find the same old boring place a lot more lively and cheerful.

From Home To Office – Contrast Can Do Wonders

Using contrast to contemporary home design is one of the unique ways to make our home look great. But, it need not cost you a fortune. Traditional rugs and carpets can do wonders and are very much in fashion even in modern times. Check out the various designs available and choose as per your room and furniture.

So are you planning for a bit of house makeover? Well, opt for this awesome mix and match set to bring life to your house plans.

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