Giant Candy For A Candyland Theme

Giant Candy For A Candyland Theme Diy Wedding
This article guides you to make giant candy for a candyland theme party.

Candyland is a theme that is in high demand. People love to have this theme on occasions like Christmas or Birthday celebration. Here I am sharing how to make giant candy that is the protagonist of this theme. You will be happy to know that this does not require any exclusive ingredients. You can make it using the stuff which you will find easily around you.

These are the five type of giant candy made from recycled materials

  • Classic Hard Candy Discs
  • Sour Fruit Balls and Sixlets
  • Spiral Lollipops
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Old Fashioned Stick Candy
Giant Candy For A Candyland Theme
Giant Candy For A Candyland Theme

1. Classic Hard Giant Candy Discs (Paper Plates) 

Materials used: large paper plates, ribbon, scissors, cellophane sheet, glue gun with hot glue, rubber band, paint, and paintbrushes, tulle

Procedure: Glue two plates and paint both the outer sides. Let it dry. Then paint it anything you like in the middle. Even if the painting is not up to the mark, it will look amazing after wrapping. Wrap it with tulle and tie tightly with the rubber band. Finally, cover it with the cellophane paper and tie it with a colorful ribbon.  

2. Sour Fruit Balls And Sixlets

Materials used: Plastic toy balls, ribbon, rubber band, scissors, cellophane sheet.

Procedure: Wrap the plastic balls with cellophane and tie with ribbon. If you have some identical balls, you can take four or five together to make six let packets. Even there are balls with prints and designs, you still can use them for decoration.

3. Spiral Lollipops (Pool noodles)

Materials used: Pool noodles, giant rubber bands, wooden dowel, colored tape, and duct tape, hot glue, glue gun, ribbon, ribbon, string, scissors, white paint, and paintbrush 

Procedure: Wrap any tape, colored, or duct around the pool noodles in a spiral pattern. The next step is a little complicated. Make the spirals and secure them with hot glue. Be extra careful while doing this. It needs some force and patience. Wrap it continuously and secure it with large rubber bands till it gets dried.

Next, insert a wooden dowel such that it pokes right. Either before or after entering the dowel, color it white. Finally, wrap it up with tulle and cellophane and tie it with the ribbon in bow pattern. 

4. Ginger Breadman

Materials used: Cardboard, pencil, puffy paint, brown paint, and paintbrush, scissors 

Giant Candy For A Candyland Theme
Giant Candy For A Candyland Theme

Procedure: You can use the leftover cardboard for it if you have. Draw a gingerbread man and cut it out from the board. You will get hundreds on the internet. Then paint it with brown color and wait till dry. Use puffy-paint to decorate. This will enhance the effect. Puffy paint takes longer to dry. Don’t be in a hurry.

5. Old Fashioned Stick Candy (Giant Candy)

Materials used: Cardboard carpet tube, ribbon, rubber bands, cellophane, hand saw, colorful tape

Procedure: First, cut the cardboard tube with a hand saw. Decide the measurement of the pieces on the availability of the tube. It could be 2-3 feet long. Color it brightly. Wrap around the tube with tape in a spiral pattern and then wrap again with cellophane and tie with ribbon. 

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