Fancy Farmgirls DIY Moss Pumpkin


Fancy Farmgirls are famous for the different décor tutorials that they present from time to time. People know them and even love them for their work. They are all set to give their new autumn décor lesson called Farmgirls DIY moss pumpkin. The tutorial involves using gorgeous and beautiful moss pumpkins for festive décor this season.

Fancy Farmgirls DIY Moss Pumpkin
Fancy Farmgirls DIY Moss Pumpkin

Farmgirls DIY Moss Pumpkins- Time For Some Craft

Fall is the season of pumpkins. You can use real pumpkins or faux pumpkins for this crafty little adventure. Here, DOY concrete pumpkins have been used with moss. The same project can also be completed using real pumpkins. It all depends on the users. A good idea will be using faux pumpkins because they can be re-used over the years.

Start by spray painting the pumpkins in creamy white color. However, you don’t need to paint them only in creamy white. You have the option of choosing other colors as well. Once you start painting the pumpkins, you will find their stems popping out. It will make it easier for you to paint them. Spray the stems in golden color for adding some glamor. Make sure to use metallic spray paints as they bring out fantastic results.

Farmgirls DIY Moss Pumpkins: Using Moss On Your Pumpkins

The next step involves brushing the mod podge through the different sections of the pumpkin while sprinkling dried moss at the same time. If possible, break down dried moss in a blender to get a smooth powder finish. It will make it easier for you to sprinkle dried moss on the pumpkins. Keep sprinkling moss to cover all the pumpkins while shaking off excessive moss.

You have the option of adding real berries or faux berries available in your backyard for creating seasonal centerpieces. You will find them fitting perfectly with the fantastic neutral décor. They will give any place a classy appearance.

Welcome Fall With Some Simple Changes

During Fall, it is quite common for people to shift their interests from outside décor projects to the interiors. Just a few simple and quick changes and you will be successful in adding a tremendous seasonal cozy appearance and feel to your home.

Fancy Farmgirls DIY Moss Pumpkin
Fancy Farmgirls DIY Moss Pumpkin

The DIY moss pumpkin project will help you in adding the elements of Fall to your dining table. Initially, they might feel like mismatched décor, but it is only at the end of this project that you will find the pumpkins adding more style to your interiors.

There are different décor projects you can work on when it comes to giving your home an exclusive appeal this Fall. Not just pumpkins, but other objects can help you create mesmerizing interiors. Nevertheless, you will have to use your creative instincts to use the DIY moss pumpkin project in a super-fun way to your home. Get some large pumpkins in bright stems and paint them with the perfect neutral finish. There you are, all set to get into the festive feeling already.

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