Fall In Love With DIY Vinyl Wall Art

Fall In Love With DIY Vinyl Wall Art Bedroom Design
Get to know about vinyl wall art and how to do it yourself in this article.

You can give a makeover to your old home interior with some exciting vinyl wall art. It will provide a new look to the room and add a personal touch.

If you have a creative mind, you will enjoy doing this DIY décor idea that is a guarantee. It will make your leisure time exciting, and you will learn an impressive art form.

Let’s dive into it. First, let’s have a look at the ingredients you need for it.

Fall In Love With DIY Vinyl Wall Art
Fall In Love With DIY Vinyl Wall Art

Ingredients For Vinyl Wall Art

  1. Con-Tact paper (a self-adhesive, low tack, thin vinyl)
  2. Tape (easily visible, low stick masking tape)
  3. Any writing utensil (marker or pencil)
  4. Scissors
  5. Scrap paper of large size (like newsprint or newspaper)
  6. Plastic card (like library card)

You will get contact paper with vibrant colors online or in your local hardware stores. The price will be according to the size of the rolls.

The Procedure Of Vinyl Wall Art:

Step 1:

Test the stickiness of the paper. Stick it firmly at a hidden wall and pull it back. Press it using a plastic card on the surface. Check it so that you can easily take out the tape.

Two methods are here. You can follow the one you find convenient.

Step 2: Method 1: The Paper Sketch

You need a pencil and a paper. Sketch the area where you are willing to work. Fold it along the walls and ceilings to have a clear concept about the image in the layout. Now you have the fundamental drawing. Use a tracing paper to draw the picture on the layout. Use a pencil to draw so that you can erase out the parts which you dislike until you get the final image.

Step 3: Method 2: Vinyl Wall Art

This is for the tech-savvy guys who possess a pretty good editing skill. You need some digital photos of that area. Then bring the snaps into an image editing software. Next doodle digitally over it.

Using Adobe Illustrator and a tablet, you can make it amazing. Simple Copy, paste and transform and repeating the same will give you the representations that you desire.   

Step 4: Draw On The (Paper) Wall

Making one swirl at a particular time is vital. After that, overlap them for a smooth, even finish. It is better to draw the swirl with a pencil to obtain what you want. Now it is time to outline the stencil on the backside of the contact paper and cut it.

Fall In Love With DIY Vinyl Wall Art
Fall In Love With DIY Vinyl Wall Art

Step 5: Peel And Stick The Vinyl

Peel the sketch and stick it starting from the central area and gradually moving outwards to minimize the air bubbles.

Press it firmly onto the wall with the plastic card.

Step 6: Make More Swirls And Patch It Together

Once you complete your first swirl, you are more confident now. Make more swirls to cover a bigger area and stick it nicely.

After a while, you will get adapted to this vinyl wall art, and you don’t need the newspaper. You can do it freehand.

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