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Embossing Machine Mini Tool

Embossing machine mini tool

Scrap booking and card making is a creative hobby that some people follow. Also, these days, many tools are available that help you in making scrapbook and cards. So, an Embossing Machine Mini DIY Tool is one of the best tools for DIY. Both amateurs and professional card makers can use this tool. Thus, one should seriously buy this product. This product is a must-have for people who make cards and scrapbook. An embossing machine gives the paper a different texture and makes it look unique. Also, four pieces of boards are available that you can use to emboss the style you want.

This tool makes your work easier and adds a professional touch to your work. Professionals also use this tool in their work when it is limited. You can easily use this device in your working area. It is a small and portable device, and thus it does not require a lot of space in your work area. Embossing cards and letters or scrapbooks give it a luxurious and elegant look. So, one should have this product to make good cards at home.

Embossing-Machine Mini Tool Features

  • This embossing machine mini tool is a manual hand-crank machine
  • Thus, it does not require batteries or electrical power.
  • Hence, it saves energy.
  • Also, it is small and portable in size.
  • So it is convenient and lightweight
  • Also, it is an ideal gift one can give to a person who loves doing such work.
  • It is useful for invitation cards, letters, scrapbooks and more
  • The package contains 4 PVC boards along with the machine.

Embossing Machine Mini Tool

Embossing Machine Mini Tool
Embossing Machine Mini Tool

Product Description

This device is hand-crank, which means that it is manual. Also, the embossing machine tool is safe and easy to use. There is no need for batteries or plug as it is manual. You have to rotate the lever on its side to emboss on paper.

Further it uses rolling technology to cut shapes into the paper and emboss shapes or texts. This tool also gives the paper dimensions. And thus, it is perfect for invitations and other special papers. So, this product is also suitable for businesses, offices, and schools. Above all, this embossing machine is portable. Portability makes it more convenient. Because now you can emboss anywhere and at any time.


Using this tool anywhere is easy because it does not need any power source. Also, there is no worry about the battery dying out, unlike other devices. As it is a small device, it is not suitable for cutting large dies. So, this is a must-have for people who are creative with paper. You can easily make invitation cards at home for a few people whom you want to invite. You can also gift this device as a unique and useful gift for people who have scrap booking and card making hobbies. One can also have this device in their office to emboss official letters. Thus, you should buy this device to show your creativity on paper and give it a professional look.

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