DIY Your Child’s Dream Playroom!

DIY Your Child’s Dream Playroom!
DIY Your Child’s Dream Playroom!

Having a designated playroom (or play area) for your kids are not only beneficial for them: they work their wonders on adults, too! For children, it is their sanctuary; their favorite part of the house; and their personal toy store. For parents, it is a great way to contain your children’s mess in one place. You will not have to tire yourself endlessly through the day chasing toys after toys from one room to another.

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Creating a playroom doesn’t have to expensive. You can start by looking for a vacant room, or corner in your house that you can designate for that purpose. When you’ve found this perfect room, you can do tips and tricks here and there to DIY your child’s dream playroom!

Build An Indoor Tree House

Almost every kid always dreams of having a tree house. However, this can be a difficult dream to fulfill for homes with no trees in the property, or houses in an apartment complex. Your solution? DIY and build an indoor tree house! If your husband, or yourself, knows a thing or two about carpentry, doing this can be an easy and fun project to do! You can also ask your kids to pitch in for ideas as to the design and concept. Building an indoor tree house in your kids’ playroom can be an enjoyable family project to do.

Group The Toys By Kind

DIY Your Child’s Dream Playroom!
DIY Your Child’s Dream Playroom!

It will be easier for you to maintain the cleanliness of your children’s playroom if you start grouping toys into groups. Always remember this: each piece of toy still belongs to a group. Each piece of toy has a place. When you can sort the toys by kind, it will be easier for the children to help you out as well. The kids will have a sense of responsibility to put toys back where they belong after every use.

DIY Your Kids’ Drawing Table

DIY Your Child’s Dream Playroom!
DIY Your Child’s Dream Playroom!

Kids’ furniture can tend to be quite expensive, as they are of a special kind of order. Manufacturers cannot make kids furniture in bulk. Hence, when you are trying to put a playroom together, the biggest bulk of the expense always goes to the furniture. The good news is that you can DIY some of the pieces, such as your child’s arts and crafts table.

Here’s how to DIY your child’s table. If you have an old kitchen table, side table or any other table that is no longer in use, cut the legs so that it is of a length that is suitable for the height of young children. If you do not have an old table, try scouting for one at a thrift store. After cutting the legs, when you have your desired length, you can DIY the paint job as well by choosing bright colors that will suit the theme of your playroom. That way, the only thing that you will have to spend on is the kids’ chairs.

DIY Storage Containers

If you have huge empty buckets or food containers lying around your house, now is the time to take them out. You can make good use of them by recycling them and having a little DIY project to turn them into storage containers. You can use these buckets to store any of the following: Legos, blocks, small animals, toys, puzzle pieces, and all other items that need to be stored properly to avoid losing parts.


All these little DIY projects can help make the daunting task of cleaning up children’s toys, and storing them properly every day, more fun and easy. The best part is that you can designate the playroom as their room, where the kids take the lead in cleaning up and organizing. Having one designated area for play will make a busy mom’s life so much easier, while keeping the children occupied and extremely happy, too!

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