DIY Tea Table Makeover

DIY Tea Table Makeover Bedroom Design
The individuals can read the steps for the DIY table makeover in this article.

We decorate our homes on special occasions and festivals. However, we often forget about small things like tea or coffee table. A dirty table can ruin all the good looks of your house. Therefore, it is essential to take them into account while cleaning your home. In this article, we explain the DIY tea table makeover that you must try. The following process to makeover your table is straightforward. Moreover, it can transform your boring table into attractive and good-looking furniture comfortably. Hence, you must not miss reading this helpful post until the last.

DIY Tea Table Makeover
DIY Tea Table Makeover

Supply List For Painting Your Tea Table


  • Furniture Polish
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Paintbrushes
  • Orbital Sander
  • Old T-shirt or rag
  • Sandpaper

Paint (Our Recommendation)

  • Stormy Seas
  • Flamingo
  • Sea Glass
  • Yankee Blue
  • Clear Satin Sealer

Unfinished Vintage Tea Table

To makeover a tea table, it must be in proper condition. The scratches or discoloration doesn’t matter too much. Remove all the accessories from this furniture. Exclude the drawers if it contains them. You can easily remove them by using any screws. Now, flip the table on the floor.

Prepping Tea Table For Paint

It’s time to make your furniture ready to paint. First of all, you should try to remove the old paint. For this, you can scuff the legs of the table using sandpaper. You can use an orbital sander to make the top ready. To avoid the dust mess, you can insert the shop vac hose on the sander. After sanding the complete table, you need to wipe it for removing dirt. Moreover, sand the drawers that you pulled out before.

Painting A Vintage Tea Table

This step can make you fun. You can choose the colors according to your choice. We recommend keeping it simple. The stormy sea color can be the right choice. Furthermore, you can spritz with some other color over it. It will make the table more attractive and unique. After that, you can use an old T-shirt or clean rag to wipe away the wet paint before drying to remove excess one.

Addressing The Table Top

You may love the table legs. However, the top may still require some decoration. You can add the step tape at the edges to prevent the paint from going down. Now add a small amount of color on the brush. Remove the excess paint with a paper towel. Apply on top with very light hands

Distressing Your Painted Tea Table

When you become satisfied with paint, you need to bring out details. You can do it by distressing them using sandpaper. The fine-grit sandpaper will raise the details on your furniture. Sand the entire table very lightly. It will provide a smooth finish to your paint.

Sealing Your Painted Table

The next step involves sealing the paint. For this, you need to use a satin clear. Coat it over the painted regions of your table. This coat will keep your color new and shiny for a long time.

DIY Tea Table Makeover
DIY Tea Table Makeover

Lubricating Pull Out Drawers

The drawers will rub against the wood of your table. Hence, it is essential to lubricate them. You need to use any furniture polish to make their function smooth.

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