DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath

DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath Diy Wedding
The individuals can read the steps for the DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath in this article.

Bandana Wreath is one of the popular crafts. It looks very adorable and beautiful. You can use it to decorate your home, walls, doors, etc. If you buy it from the store, you need to spend a significant amount on it. However, you can easily make it at home with some simple things. Moreover, you can use your favorite colors bandana to make it more attractive. In this article, we provide the guide to DIY sunflower bandana wreath. Hence, you must read the following article very attentively until the end.

DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath
DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath

Where To Find Bandanas For This Project?

It is the first question that arises in your mind. The bandanas are the primary thing for this DIY project. Therefore, it is essential to buy the right ones to make your beautiful craft. You can find them in your local craft store. Moreover, you can buy them from retail corporations, including Walmart. Another option to get them is through online mode. Various online websites are selling them at a reasonable price. However, we recommend you to read the reviews before making the purchase.

DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath

The best part about this bandana wreath is that you will not require any expensive things to make it. The process of making it is straightforward.


The supplies that you require to make this wreath are:

  • 11-13 bandanas (9 yellow and two green)
  • 12- inch wire wreath frame
  • Scissors
  • Two large trash bags or dollar store plastic tablecloth
  • Hot glue gun
  • Large paintbrush
  • Water-resistant fabric stiffener
  • Sheets of paper
DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath
DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath

Instructions To Make DIY Sunflower Bandana Wreath

  1. First of all, cut each of the bandanas in half.
  2. Take the one half of the bandana and gather it lengthwise together. Now, fold it in half to get the loop at one end.
  3. Take the wreath frame and place the open ends of the bandana in it. You should follow a pattern in which the loop must be on outside and open ends in the middle of the wreath frame.
  4. Transfer the open points of the bandana above the wreath frame. Now, insert it into the loop and stretch tight.
  5. Replicate the same process with all the bandanas of yellow color. Tight all of them properly and fill the whole wreath frame.
  6. Use the green color bandana to make the stem of the sunflowers.
  7. To secure the knots and prevent them from loosening, apply the hot glue over them.
  8. Now, you need to fluff out the ends of every bandana.
  9. Use the trash bags or tablecloth to Line the work surface of your craft.
  10. Implement fabric stiffener to every bandana end. Avoid dripping of the solution.
  11. The end of each bandana must be “poofed” and open out.
  12. Crumple the paper pieces into the ball. Place them to the end of each bandana. It will keep them in proper shape until the stiffener dries entirely.
  13. Let it dry for 24 hrs. After drying, remove these paper balls. Use your bandana wreath to decorate your home.
  14. You can use a hanger or hook for hanging this bandana wreath.

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