DIY Photo Booth: Tips For Creating A Simple One


The key to keeping your guests happy at a wedding is small. You can add small fun things for them to try out. One of which is a photo booth. It may seem like a huge task. But these DIY photo booth ideas will help you. DIY ideas are easy and simple. A DIY photo booth should, according to your needs. They don’t need to be fancy. Moreover they need to be things that your guests will find interesting. They need to have a fun element. This element is the flexibility you get with a booth.

Backdrop To Your Rescue-

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A backdrop elevates how your photo booth looks. You can keep it simple and classy. The backdrop doesn’t need to be a big fancy thing. It can be anything simple. From pictures to a few colors, black, and blues. It can change random things that are suitable for anyone. You can use a theme. The theme of your DIY photo booth can be related to your wedding. The backdrop can be according to your tastes. You can put curtains which are available for cheap rates. The photo booth needs to have an attractive backdrop. The backdrop can be just a photo frame. It adds to the DIY photo booth.

Let There Be Light-DIY Photo Booth

The photo booth needs light. It won’t work out properly without them. Lights are essential for a photo booth. You can use fairy lights, which are cheap and easily available. They add to the uniqueness of your photo booth. The lights shouldn’t necessarily be fancy. You can go to a store and pick out different stuff. The stuff can be lamps. The colors of your lighting need not be the same. Moreover you can add to the uniqueness of the photo booth. You can mix and match lights. You can shift the booth to areas that get natural light. This way, you can save money and use natural resources.

Tips For Creating DIY Photo Booth
DIY Photo Booth: Tips For Creating A Simple One

Props For The Guests-

Props add to the fun element of your photo booth. They can be masks or hats. Props make your guests try stuff that they won’t otherwise. They will have a lot of fun just trying the props. Props are obtainable for rent. You can also buy them for cheap. Masks of various kinds add to the fun of a photo booth. In your booth, put a separate corner for masks. Let them be easy to grab and use.

Tips For Creating DIY Photo Booth
DIY Photo Booth: Tips For Creating A Simple One

Hashtag Your Wedding-DIY Photo Booth

Hashtags are important. You may not like them very much, but they are necessary. Hashtags that you decide will easy to find on social media. Everyone who clicks pictures in the photo booth will use the hashtags. You won’t miss out on seeing those cool pictures taken in your booth. Hashtags will make it easier for the guests as well. They can all upload pictures using the same hashtags. It may seem like a boring thing, but you can come with some fun hashtags.

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