DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home

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DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home
DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home

Young children are naturally inquisitive. Their curious tendency leads them to continually wonder and touch things that they are not supposed to. Young kids and toddlers also like to squeeze themselves into places that you once thought are impossible for them to enter or reach. Living with young kids in a house will make your home look like a hurricane just arrived. You can spend so much time and effort chasing after them and cleaning up while losing your patience in the process, yet all these are still not enough to make them stay still. The best solution is to childproof!

Here’s a DIY guide on how you can childproof your home.

Think Like A Child

DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home
DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home

The best way for you to start with any DIY childproofing activity in your house is to think like a child. Observe your children see what gets them curious the most, and what are the nooks and crannies in your home where they squeeze themselves in. Most often, young toddlers get excited to touch anything that is new to them, or that excites their sense of touch. So for you to know where to start on your DIY home project, put yourself in the position of your children.

Make Your Own Door Safety Protectors

Door safety protectors are those “lock” systems that you attach to any door, be it on the fridge, or cabinets. These safety protectors are readily available to purchase from hardware stores. However, each piece tends to be quite expensive sometimes. Or maybe, you might need one right away, and you cannot seem to find one in stores (as they are also always out of stock).

The good news is that you can DIY your door safety protectors! All you need are command hooks and elastic bands or hair ties. Stick a command hook on each side of the door and put your elastic band through it! It is a simple DIY activity that can give you a great headstart on childproofing your home!

Create Your Activities To Keep Your Child Busy

DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home
DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home

The easiest way to prevent your child from meeting an accident at home, or breaking any valuable is to keep them busy! When they are idle, their curiosity will get the best of them again, and they will be all over your house. If your children’s toys are not keeping them busy enough, then the best solution for you to do is to DIY your activities! When a toddler is immersed in a new activity that he finds exciting, they can stay in one place and stop touching or destroying household items.

Example of DIY activities that you can do include:

  1. Asking your toddler to help out on simple chores such as wiping, sweeping or putting clothes in the washer
  2. Sort out grains out of rice, beans, and other lentils
  3. Put a big piece of manila paper all over the floor and let your child scribble with washable crayons and markers

Create An Organization System

DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home
DIY Guide To Childproof Your Home

Part of childproofing a home also creates a system wherein toys will be within reach, while hazards are out of reach. You can build this organizational system yourself, without seeking the help of a professional.

Here are some tips for you to follow:

  1. Store toys in bins in multiple areas in your house such as your dining and living area, your kids’ bedroom, playroom, even in your masters’ bedroom, and your outdoor patio. This way, wherever your child is in the house, there are toys to keep them occupied, when you are busy doing other important things as well.

The best thing about this system is that when the day is over, and you have to pack away, you will not have to carry so many toys into one room. You can just put them back in a nearby place in the room where they belong.

2. Create your labeling system that works best for your family.


Your children are adorable and cute, but they can also tend to create quite a mess. These little tips and tricks will help you ensure your child’s safety, while you can maximize your time too being more productive with other things. Childproofing your home does not have to be an expensive task of buying gear here and there; there are many ways for you to DIY!

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