DIY Face Mask For Bright Glowing Skin

Face Masks are an essential and good way of taking care of your skin. Many times, you don’t use these because they have chemical. But however, now you can make these at home. They are uncomplicated to make. You can make a DIY face mask and use it whenever you want. Face masks help your skin. They keep it cool and relaxed from the inside. DIY face masks are a good alternative to chemical based ones. they clear out your skin. When you use DIY Face masks, you know your ingredients. Here are some DIY face masks you can try:

1. A Different Way Of Using Cocoa-

This mask is for hydration of your skin. The main ingredients of your mask are- cocoa, honey and avocado. All three have different properties that will help you. Cocoa, an antioxidant has amazing skin-soothing properties. Avocado will help in hydrating your skin. Honey has an excellent property of anti-inflammatory and also, anti-bacterial.t This is a very easy DIY face mask. The first step you need to do is take a quarter of the avocado and put it in a small bowl. Add to this, one full tablespoon of cocoa and honey, mix it up. Don’t let there be any pieces of avocado. Once, you are done with the ingredients, apply on your face. The mask should be kept on for 10 minutes. Let your skin be clean, before you apply the mask. After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water and you will see the results.

2. The Honey Flavored Nourishment-

Your DIY face mask, should fight problems you face. This face mask is good for acne related problems. If you have acne, this is your solution to that problem. Brewing a cup of chamomile tea with two tea bags. Keep it aside till it cools down. In a bowl, mix one teaspoon of raw honey and another of yeast. Mix the tea, with the honey and yeast. The proportion of the mixture should be good. It should thick and easy to apply on your face. Spread a layer of this DIY face mask, on your face. Once done, keep a timer for 20 minutes. After the timer goes off, wash the face mask off.

3. The Banana Face Mask-

Bananas are very nourishing for the skin. They have many nourishing effects on your skin. DIY banana face masks are easy to make and use. The results of this are good. The mask helps in making your skin glow and healthier. They are most useful when you are stressed out. This mask can be used for all skin types. Take a banana and mask half of it in a bowl. Adding to this, take a tablespoon of orange juice and honey. Take this and apply on your face. Keep this face mask for 15 minutes. When these 15 minutes are done wash your face with Luke-warm water. You’ll be able to see the glow on your skin. Also, making your face feel nourished.

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