Different Types Of Architectural Designs

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Architectural designs are often taken as a judging criterion to know about a building’s style. In fact, you may have also sometimes looked at a building and wondered whether it was Bauhaus or Victorian? Every building has a unique architectural design of its own. Moreover, every design has its own set of characteristics which mark the difference between the two styles.

Main Architectural Designs And Their Characteristics

Do you know that having knowledge of these architectural designs can also assist you in the remodeling of your home? Let us read about these different styles and their main characteristics.

Different Types Of Architectural Designs
Different Types Of Architectural Designs


This particular architectural design is also known as the Norman Architecture. Moreover, it is counted among some really beautiful architectural designs. The main feature of this particular style is a rounded arch. In fact, you can find this arch in most of the Roman style churches. You can see many of these Romanesque style buildings in Portugal.


Another of the famous architectural designs existing today is Victorian design. This particular style includes a ‘dollhouse’ effect. Moreover, you can also witness asymmetrical shape, wrap around porches, bright colors, and bay windows as important features of this style. This style became popular in the middle to the late 19th century. You can find these architectural styles majorly in UK, Australia, and the US.

Different Types Of Architectural Designs
Different Types Of Architectural Designs


This architectural design originated in the late 16th century in Italy. It is a kind of departure from formal Romanesque style. It is ‘showy’, ‘emotive’, and focuses on appealing to the senses. Moreover, the main features of this style include convex as well as concave walls, the exquisite ornamentation, having a cresting ornament being placed at the center of the building. In addition, the Palace of Versailles shows off this architectural design proudly.


Tudor is also an imperative architectural design that came into existence between 1400 and 1600s. Moreover, its main feature is the Tudor Arch. Moreover, houses built under this design have thatched roofs, perfect doorways, masonry chimneys, and casement windows. In addition, you can find this design elaborately in Warwickshire, England.


This particular architectural design emerged in the middle of the 18th century. Moreover, the main motive behind this design was to give an exquisite grandeur as well as nobility to the architecture. Moreover, the inspiration behind these designs comes from Roman and Greek buildings. In fact, these design can be called a perfect merger of these two.


Among all the available architectural designs, this particular design holds its own position. It started in the 12th century and you can still find many buildings showing off this beautiful design. Moreover, its main features include vaulted ceilings, grandeur, height, and pointed arches. You can find these designs mostly in Paris. One perfect example of Gothic design is Notre Dame Cathedral.


These different architectural designs are used by architects worldwide to make beautiful buildings. Moreover, by applying little modifications to these designs, architects using these designs can also help you in remodeling your house. Moreover, you can even merge the main features of these architectural designs and live your fantasies for a beautiful house. So, contact an architect as soon as possible and make use of these designs to add zeal to your house architecture.

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