Decor: The Psychological Concepts


Home decor is a beautiful concept adapted by people to furnish their homes. Home decor is essential for a positive outlook of your house. There is a lot of psychs involved in a home decor plan. House renovation must be efficiently done. This makes it appealing to human eyes. You may be earning yourself some brownie points from your guests for top-notch room decor!

The Psychological Concepts Behind Home Decor is All In this Image
The Psychological Concepts Behind Home Decor

The Rule of Thirds: Important For Room Decor!

It is a “rule of thumb” guideline which describes the visual composition of an object/image. In this phenomenon, the visual description is divided into nine grids. The primary object should cover two-thirds of the grid, according to the rule of thirds. Here, the subject aligns itself in a manner that the purpose covers two-thirds of the visual composition.

Symmetry And It’s Significance In Decor

Symmetry is an essential aspect of home decor. Object position and placement should be equidistant. The concept of equality is very soothing to the eyes. The term symmetry is a principle where an object is equidistant from the two reference points. Symmetrical home decor is a perfect idea. From curtains to mattresses, the symmetrical decor would be a good concept. It also provides vibrancy to the house.

Symmetry In Home Decor Is Very Necessary For a Beautiful Home!
Symmetry In Home Decor Is Very Necessary

Leading Lines

Often, decors present themselves such a manner that your eyes follow the trail.
Your eyes follow the trail to the object in focus. This concept is actually, the leading lines. Furnishing isn’t only about properly arranging things. It is also about innovating your decoration outlook, thus, it makes the display look surreal.

Colour Schemes

Home decor is not only about symmetry, neatness or leading lines. Colour schemes of walls, furniture, and other hardware are essential. Contrasting and complementing color schemes are a must. This necessitates a natural flow of beauty in the room. Colour schemes are a setter of mood as well. Brighter color schemes in drawing and dining rooms make it jolly and cheerful. This helps keep morale up when guests arrive or during a dinner time discussion. Darker color schemes are a must for bedrooms or workrooms. This is because eyes accustomise themselves to low light-bounce during sleep or work and are indeed, a necessary concept.


Since kindergarten, teachers teach us to do things neatly. Some teachers gave us extra marks for good handwriting! For home decor too, neatness is an interesting psychological principle. Seeing too many things at once is not easy for the eyes, let alone, of appreciation. Thus, things inside the room need to assorted in a manner that density across the room is uniform. This helps in maintaining the clarity of the room, giving it a modest appeal. Assort things in such a way that every product in the room is visible but the viewer does not have to squint his/her eyes. The items should be in good view and kept in a tidy procedure. This would be a perfect “Ace” match!

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