Cheap DIY Home Décor

A little change in your house’s look here and there will make your space look brand new. Every homeowner, like yourself, perhaps, always dreams of a beautifully decorated and well-maintained house. When visitors visit, they will still be impressed by the overall impact that your home brings. However, most of you might think that decorating your home will create a hole in your pocket. Here’s telling you that no, this is a myth. This article will give you DIY home décor ideas so that you won’t have to break the bank when re-decorating.

Wall-Mounted Chalkboard

Cheap DIY Home Decor
Cheap DIY Home Décor

If you have kids in your home, having a wall-mounted chalkboard will be a very great idea! It is like having a free wall in your home, where your children are free to scribble around, without you having to worry about cleaning up the permanent mess later on. If you don’t have kids, a wall-mounted chalkboard is also a good (and environmentally-friendly) way for you to have a wall for to-do-lists or recipes of the day.

Install Some Floating Shelves!

Floating shelves not only make your home look better, but it also is an excellent way to organize and add some storage space. Do not take for granted any upper wall space that you can use to store some things such as books, photographs, and other memorabilia.

Sew Pompom And Tassel Trimmings To Pillows

Purchasing ready-made pompoms and tassels from a store can be quite expensive. However, a quick browse through YouTube will give you step-by-step guides on how you can DIY and make your pompoms and tassels! You can sew in these pompoms and tassels that you made to throw pillows, hand towels, cloth placemats, and table runners. This simple change can add a fresh and colorful vibe to your living and dining areas

Upgrade Your Flower Pots

If you are the type to have indoor plants in your home, you may realize by now that your plain flower pots are starting to look old and boring. Your plants need a happy home, too. Here are two ways for you to DIY your flowerpots to make them look new:

  1. Paint your current pots with gold or silver paint; this will make your home look more elegant and polished, or
  2. Wrap native ropes around your jars to make them look like native baskets, and after doing this, you can even glue in the pompoms and tassels that you have DIY too!

Frame Up Some Art Or Photographs

Cheap DIY Home Decor
Cheap DIY Home Decor

If you still have some blank walls in your home, you may want to designate one full wall as an accent wall for you to frame up photos of your family, or artwork by your kids. A bonus tip is for you to use uniform-colored frames so that the design of your house stays elegant, neat and clean.

Doormat Wall Art

If you have a nicely pattered door mat lying around your home, use this doormat as a stencil for you to create an elegant wall art! It is as easy as 1,2,3. All you have to do is to spray paint (or paint) through the doormat, frame it up and hang it on a wall. Imagine how cheap it was for you to buy that doormat!

Create Your Candleholders

Cheap DIY Home Decor
Cheap DIY Home Decor

Candles not only make your home look romantic and elegant at dinner time, but it can also add in warmth to a room especially during a cold winter. However, purchasing candleholders can tend to be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for quality ones. You can DIY creating your candleholder. If you have any tree branch that has fallen, take this branch, polish it and drill holes to fit a candle or tea lights! This little project will surely last you many years, instead of buying cheap plastic or metallic candleholders.


These are only some of the ways for you to create DIY home décor! All you have left to do now is to take a good look around your home and see which area you can work on first. Then run to your arts & crafts store to purchase your products and start making your home décor from scratch! The best part of DIY is that you feel a greater sense of fulfillment when your project finishes, that you’ve created all these new decorations for your home – by yourself, or as a family project.

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