Boy’s Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas


Designing your kids’ bedroom is a very fun activity and experience for you to do. Depending on the kind of concept that you have, there are many design ideas to choose. One of the best ways for you to have a design idea for any bedroom is through wallpapers.

When a wallpaper is strategically positioned in a room, it can easily improve the overall look of your boy’s bedroom. If you are not as adventurous to fill up the whole room with wallpapers, you can start with just one wall. Doing that is a very strategic way to create an accent wall. This article will give you wallpaper design ideas for your boy’s bedroom this 2019.

Boy’s Bedroom Wallpaper: Black And White Safari Animals

Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas 2019
Boy’s Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas 2019

Safari concepts can tend to be quite common. A good way for you to make it look more masculine is to choose black and white safari wallpapers. This way, your wall still has some design element to it, but because it is black and white, you can focus on creating other accent pieces to brighten up the room. For an added design idea, you can look for safari animal stuffed toys such as giraffes, elephants, and lions to put on display.

The best part about having a black and white safari animal wallpaper is that if you have another child, you can still use the same, even if your new kid is a girl.

Classic Blue And White Stripes

Classic striped walls never go out of style. When you choose for a striped wallpaper, your boy can easily transition from a toddler room to a young kids’ room, and even as his teenage bedroom. There are many bedroom themes for boys that can easily complement a classic blue and white-striped walls. Examples of these themes include a nautical experience, or London/USA-themed.

Bright Kindergarten Colors

Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas 2019
Boy’s Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas 2019

When you think of bright kindergarten colors, imagine the colors of your crayon box! If you are not one to go for extremely bright colored wallpapers, you can mute it down by choosing other shades of reds, greens, blues, and yellows. Because your wallpaper is already colorful, the rest of the furniture in the room can be more neutral, such as whites and blacks.

Boy’s Bedroom Wallpaper: World Map Decal & Compass

Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas 2019
Boy’s Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas 2019

A world map is not only a fun wallpaper design idea, but it is very educational, too. Your little boy will grow up knowing about the places of the world. Even more so, it is a great way also to keep your child excited about what the great big world has to offer! He can imagine himself as a little explorer. World map decals come in all shapes, sizes and designs, like the following:

Plain metallic world map
World map with different colors representing each continent
World map that also shows the famous landmarks or animals of the world

Cars, Trucks & Jeeps

There is no young boy in the world that does not love any automobile. Cars, trucks, and jeeps are a universal favorite among all boys, wherever it is that they may come! Therefore, it is an excellent design idea to incorporate cars, trucks, and jeeps in your wallpaper design.

A bonus design tip is to keep your wallpaper at a minimum. Because cars, trucks, and jeeps can tend to look busy, interior designers recommend against filling up your whole room with this wallpaper. Keep it to a minimum by focusing on one small wall instead.

Boy’s Bedroom Wallpaper: Wood And Brick Patterns

Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas 2019
Boy’s Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas 2019

Wood and brick patterns is a great wallpaper design idea for a boy’s bedroom, no matter what age he may be. Wood and bricks are classic themes for a very boyish look. Another good thing about it is that if you need to use the room for another purpose, you can still do so. Wood and brick patterns look good in just about any room. With a room full of wood and brick patterns, your young boy will instantly feel like a grown-up man.


These wallpaper design ideas are only a few of the many concepts that you can incorporate into your son’s bedroom. As excited as you may be, keep your options to a minimum so that you do not get overwhelmed with ideas! When you have decided on a theme to use, you can now go on the hunt for the perfect wallpaper to install in your boy’s bedroom!

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