8 Rules Of Home Decoration For Everyone

8 Rules Of Home Decoration For Everyone Bedroom Design
Make your home decoration process fun, keeping in mind some rules.

Why should you know the rules of home decoration? Because, to break out from the established decorating rules, you must learn them first. Most of the time, people totally ignore the rules and set out to decorate their space. But what they don’t understand is with guidelines to follow, it gets easier to do the decoration of their homes.

8 Rules Of Home Decoration For Everyone
8 Rules Of Home Decoration For Everyone

Whether you are renovating your house from scratch or planning to change a few things for major-impact, learning these rules will help you immensely:

1. Mixed Textures For Decoration

Wondering why you feel that something is lacking in your space? It is best to add some different textures, with accent cushions, rugs, or throws. Always add texture and mix materials like natural woven fabrics, rattan, or metal with the wood mix. On the other hand, you can add lacquered walls or furniture.

2. Take Risk With Funky Accessories

Scared to take the risk? Then you should start small with a quirky vase, or bowl. It’s your home, so don’t feel afraid to make some bold statements alongside the classic elements to make the style unique.

3. Layer Your Lighting During Decoration

8 Rules Of Home Decoration For Everyone
8 Rules Of Home Decoration For Everyone

When you have only an overhead pendant, as your lighting medium, the room can look two-dimensional without some depth-matrix in its look. Lighting can elevate the mood of every room. You just have to make sure that there are various sources of light in one room and in different areas. Place the lights creatively like at the empty corner, behind some furniture, etc.

4. Simple Base To Start

If you have a brick wall, then it is probably keeping you off from using any color scheme that you want to use. You can paint the brick walls white and then use any color scheme of your choice or any decoration items of your choice. However, many people are against it. So, you can also follow the rules. If the surfaces have a historic feel and also the brick has lots of character, maybe you would want to keep it as it is. But if the brick wall is not so interesting, get rid off it.

5. Opt For Functional Furniture

When we go for furniture shopping, a sculptural piece of beautiful furniture captures our attention. But a professional interior designer would suggest you opt for furniture or other items that serves its function and looks good. You must use every space in your house, creatively. You don’t want to have too much clutter if your home is small. Include such furniture that is both functional and interesting.

6. Seeking Symmetry

8 Rules Of Home Decoration For Everyone
8 Rules Of Home Decoration For Everyone

Some creations can challenge the traditional rules of designing. But there is one rule that most interior-decorators adhere to – symmetry. There must be some layer by layer elements within a space. A room with maximum items should also have well-balanced and thoughtful dimensions.

7. Invest On What You Love

Some interior-designers will advise you to follow one particular rule when you do your home decoration. The rule is to buy furniture or other things only of your choice. Do you love it? If yes, just take some moment to assess where you are going to put it, and then buy. There will be a place for it in your home, or you will definitely make a space for it; won’t you?

8. Measure The Room Space

Before you add any furniture in your room, always measure your space correctly. Scale can break or make your space. You must give detailed attention to the furniture size based on room size. Best is to map out larger items like the bed, sofa, rugs, etc. before you purchase them.

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