7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts

7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts
7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and the market for love-related products will soon be bustling. Surprising someone on Valentines Day doesn’t always mean that you will have to spend hundreds of dollars on big gifts! For children, you may find that ways to give gifts to your parents (especially your mom) is on a limit, because of your budgetary constraints.

The best way for you to make your mom feel special is to do DIY Valentines Day crafts! Your mom and even your dad will feel so much more special rather than just giving them a ready-made card that you only signed. Here are ten mess-free Valentines Day crafts that you will enjoy making, and that your mom will love:

Valentines Day Crafts: Hand-Print Cards

7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts
7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts

If you have younger siblings who still cannot draw or write, you can invite them on the fun of creating a Valentines Day surprise for your mom and dad! Hand-print cards are trendy among young toddlers, and it is cheap and easy to do, too. To make it mess-free, instead of letting the toddler dip his hand in paint, you can help him out by painting his hand instead and helping him print his hand on a blank colored paper. You can make it more special by writing at the bottom part the age and time when this handprint was made, as your mom will surely keep this forever.

Other than just creating cards, you can also use your handprints to make a photo frame of your favorite family picture or a bookmark!

Bouquet Of Hearts Card

Flowers are not the only big bouquets for Valentines Day. You can create your bouquet of hearts card. All you have to do is to cut out as many hearts in pinks and reds and design these hearts. Next, you can glue them on to a blank card and draw stems to connect them all into one big bouquet.

Heart-Shaped Cardboard Purses

Most moms and little young ladies love a cute purse. Although your cardboard purse is simple and cheap, this will surely be more priceless than any designer bag your mom will ever own! Cut up hearts out of cardboard and glue them together to make a purse, add in string and yarn, too! In this purse, you can put chocolates or little flowers that you have picked from your garden.

Valentines Day Crafts: Heart Banners/Bunting

7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts
7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts

Heart banners are a sure hit with both moms and children! If you are a mom, you can make this to surprise your children, and vice-versa. When your child (or mother) is asleep, you can be busy with hanging up this DIY heart bunting on their bedroom, so they will be surprised when they wake up! If the budget permits, you can add in some balloons, too.

Valentines Day Candy Jar

7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts
7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines Day is a sweet day, and it is a good day to stock up on sweets, too! Fill up a mason jar with candies, chocolates or heart-shaped goodies, and glue a sweet message on the jar. Some ideas for short messages can be:

“You’re my SWEETiepie!”
“You’re as sweet as all these candies combined.”
“My life is SWEETER because you’re around.”
“I love you like a little boy loves his candy.”

Valentines Day Crafts: Footprint Card Art

7 Mess-Free Valentines Day Crafts

Handprints can be pretty common, but you can use footprints as well. A footprint card is just as unique as handprint cards! To make it an even more novel idea, you can use a blank canvas instead of a plain paper and put your footprints together as siblings.

Jar Full Of Love Notes

A message in a bottle is always sweet and romantic. You can send love messages in a bottle, too, without having to cross an ocean! Fill up a mason jar with little rolled-up notes wherein each note, you write a reason why you love your mom or your favorite memories of each other. A jar full of these messages will send your mom in tears.


Albeit simple and cheap, these little mess-free DIY projects for Valentines Day will genuinely make your mom feel extremely special. What better way to express your love for each other than to give a priceless gift that you spent hours and hours working on, to make your Valentines Day surprise extremely special!

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