30 Awesome DIY Projects That You’ve Never Heard Of

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Awesome DIY Projects That You’ve Never Heard Of

If you like doing DIY projects, then here is the list of 30 lovely DIY that you can select and try:

Awesome DIY Projects

Bird Feeder Wreath: Use a round mold, ribbons, birds-feed seed along with melted suet. Just bind them together in round shape and hang with the ribbon. Therefore it is ready to feed tiny, beautiful birds at any time.

Upside-Down Tomato Planter:  You need a plastic soda bottle for this DIY projects. Just cut the bottom part of the bottle and put in some tomato plant seedling, along with some earth. Hang the bottle and water the plant. Therefore, the tomatoes will grow in some time. Hence you can also use it to plant other things like pepper and herbs.

30 Awesome DIY Projects That You’ve Never Heard Of
30 Awesome DIY Projects That You’ve Never Heard Of

Yogurt Cheese: All you need is to put some layers of cheesecloth, pour the yogurt, and make it drain overnight over a colander. Therefore, this will provide a creamy cheese for your taste buds.

Yarn-Wrapped Painted Jars:  Take a jar and wrap around some twine or yarn of your choice with the desired thickness. Paint the pot and remove the thread. Therefore after it is dry, and also put tea illuminating lights or candles. Also, it is done.

Baked Salt Dough Tags: Use flour, salt, water to make the dough. Make cakes with a cookie cutter, cut out hole, bake and paint.

Interesting DIY Projects

Leafy Stepping-Stones: With the help of large leaves, cement, and trowel, you can easily make stepping stones for the garden.

Shoe Holder Planter: If you have any old door shoe holde, you can use it to grow plants, and herbs outside your kitchen, balcony or terrace.

Tea or Coffee Cup with a Message: Write a message on the outside, inside, bottom, or any side of the teacups and bake it for about 30 minutes at 350 F. This will make the permanent writing on the cups. It can also be used for gifting purposes.

Pebble Placemat: Put hot glue on the flat pebbles found on the beachside. Stick them on felt or wood. The pebble placement is ready. Therefore, you can put it under hot teapots, bowls, pans, etc., or simply use them in the garden.

Some Other DIY Projects

Needle-Felted Toys: Wool and a barbed needle can help in making Waldorf style cute toys for kids.

Water-less Snow Globe: Any empty glass jar is perfect for these DIY projects. Put in a dollhouse miniature, fake snow, glue, and also get a snow globe decoration that is free from water.

Hanging Garden Basket: You require moss, wire basket, and also some seeds of various vegetables, or herbs to get a hanging garden.

Reusable “Swiffer” Pads: Knit or crochet a pad to cover sweeper for household use, and reusable Swiffer pad is ready.

Lip Balm: Melt bee-wax or carnauba, pour in carrier oils such as almond, olive, etc. along with any flavor, fragrance or scent.

Floor Stencils: You can paint Floor stencils on wooden or concrete floors. It is perfect when you do not want to use rugs. 

Laundry Detergent: Grated castile soap, borax, baking soda, soda ash when combined make laundry detergent when you run out of it. 

Cake Stands: Just stick together any thrift shop glassware with a pedestal bowl using high strength adhesive glue.

Nail Polish Key Identification: On a key chain with many keys, but different colors of nail polish to identify keys.

30 Awesome DIY Projects That You’ve Never Heard Of
30 Awesome DIY Projects That You’ve Never Heard Of

Cassette Tape Wallet: Use any old cassette tape, cut open, and also paste a zipper along all sides.

Painted Garden Stones: Paint a large stone with colors and write anything. Place in the garden.

Wood-Burning Camp Stove: A large tin to keep coal or wood, with a few metal tents pegs or stakes, also can make out the wood-burning stove.

“Fairy” Garden: In an old bucket, bowl, or drawer, add plants and earth. Place miniatures for the garden and done.

String Lanterns: Wrap twine with glue on a blown balloon. Spray paint and let it dry. Also, Pop the aircraft, and it is ready.

Few More DIY Project

Suitcase Dog Bed: Your old suitcase ban is a dog bed with little mattresses and also pillows.

Jar Garden Mini Terrarium: Put soil, moss, pebbles, and also small plants in a glass jar. Also, add miniatures and keep watering.

Wallpaper Dresser: Old furniture can be renovated with fresh paint, and some wallpaper pasted on it.

Clothes Hanger Jewellery Storage: A wooden hander with few eyelet screws makes this DIY project of jewelry storage.

Bath Salts: Mix coarse sea salt or Epsom salt, essential oils, and food coloring.

Paint Swatch Wall: Use free swatches of paint color to decorate the wall.

Recycled Leather and Wood Shelves: Use old recycle wood, old belt, and also nails to create storage space.

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